Whitefly Control


One Tiny Invasion

Often brought home from nurseries or greenhouses, whiteflies continue to be one of the top pests in our area threatening our plants and gardens. We often don’t realize we have a whitefly invasion until it is upon us in a fury! Whiteflies are often noticed when one is watering the garden and suddenly the air is a swarm of tiny, white bugs. While they may seem too small to take seriously, whitefly control is important, and we can help.

Whitefly Damage

Whiteflies make a real meal out of every part of your plants. They suck the sap out of every piece of the plant possible and then leave behind a sticky residue that causes the plant to yellow and die. Some plants may develop black molds, drop leaves or generally just die out. The residue attracts ants, which only further disrupts the natural cycle. Whiteflies can even cause serious damage to your vegetables. When you want to save your plants, it’s time to contact professional help. It’s time to call Slug-A-Bug

Control is Complicated

Whiteflies are usually present because there has been some disruption in the natural world. They do have many natural predators, such as ladybugs, so if your garden is lacking natural predators it may also be missing other vital nutrients that attract them.

As a result, a management program is multifaceted. You can’t simply spray your garden with chemicals and hope that it kills whiteflies. The chemicals you can get at your local garden center don’t always prove fatal to these problem pests. Moreover, you could be killing far more than the whiteflies.

When it’s time to protect your garden from pests like these, it’s time to contact Slug-A-Bug for a customized solution that works to control predators and protect your plants! Contact us today to learn more.