Rodent Control


Southeast Florida is home to a number of different rodent species, including the two vermin that are most troublesome: roof rats (outstanding climbers) and mice (commonly nest within structures). These 2 troublemakers need effective rodent control methods to get rid of them.

Four Legs + One Tail = One BIG Problem

One of the worst pest problems a household can experience has to be an infestation of mice or other rodents. You’ve likely had at least one encounter with these pests, and maybe even set traps or put out poison, but the chances are good that you’re not done yet. Beyond the “ick” factor, there is real reason to take every precaution with these pests and give us a call instead.


The Danger To Your Health

Rodents aren’t just annoying;they’re actually a danger to your health, as well. There have been a number of health issues traced back to the droppings of rodents. And while the more serious diseases are a bit rare in Florida and throughout the US, you could still get sick. Anyone suffering from asthma or a compromised immune system is at increased risk thanks due to the presence of these pests.

Property Damage Abound

These pests can cause serious financial damage, as well. Think for minute about the possible expense of a family of roof rats that nest in the attic space of your home. What might they chew through up there? Some statistics indicate that as many as 20% of all house fires have been started by rodents chewing through the wires! This is a serious risk to your family and property.

The Slug-A-Bug Difference

There are eleven things your Slug-A-Bug professional technicians will look for when conducting a comprehensive rodent inspection: droppings, tracks, gnaw marks, burrowing, runways, grease/rub marks, urine stains, live or dead rodents, rodent sounds, rodent odors and nesting areas. A thorough inspection provides critical information about the size of the population and the routes taken by the rodents.

Maintenance and prevention is the key to controlling rodentsanda trained eye can help you spot problem areas and prevent an infestation before itbegins (or use: ‘even begins’). Whether you already have a problem or you’re just looking to prevent one in the future, contact us today to learn more!