Roach Control


Nothing has the power to make you shiver quite like opening a cabinet and finding a roach or flipping on the light in a dark kitchen only to watch one scurry across the floor.

Don’t worry – your home doesn’t even have to be dirty to find a roach colony living inside. Roaches are everywhere, and no matter why they moved in, roach control is an absolute must because they pose a huge health risk.


How Can you Tell if your Home Needs Roach Control?

Apart from sighting a roach in broad daylight, there are a few ways to determine whether you might have an infestation.

  • Look for droppings. Cockroach excrement looks like spilled pepper.
  • Check the dark places in the house, such as: under the sink, under the mats, or in other dark cracks. If you have roaches, the chances are good they’ll be hiding in there.
  • Look for carcasses and eggs in dark places.
  • Does your home have a smell? Cockroaches can create a musty odor that seems tough to get rid of.

Did You Spot Cockroaches During The Day?

If you saw one in the bright light of day, you absolutely have an infestation and it’s time to call us now. Cockroaches prefer dark spaces and like to come out at night. So if you’re seeing them during the day, there are plenty more where that one came from! Just killing the roaches you see won’t take care of the problem. You need the #1 Brevard County pest control service that can help – Slug-A-Bug.

Can’t I Just Use A Can From the Hardware Store?

You could grab an off-the-shelf solution, but the simple truth is that it’s better to go with professional roach pest control treatment.

Here is a disgusting fact about cockroaches: they can live for up to a week without a head. Because they can go for up to a month without any food, you could have roaches biding their time for quite a while. So just crushing them when you see them or spraying here and there isn’t the answer.

You need a professional who can help you root out the source of the infestation, treat it and help you maintain your property so it doesn’t happen to you again! We do this every single day. Let us help you kill those scurrying little beasts now. Call us today to schedule a free inspection. with one of our qualified technicians.