Palm Tree Care

The Heart of Palm Country!

Nothing says Florida like healthy, beautiful palm trees. It’s why the palm tree graces our postcards and our tourist brochures. With so many varieties to pick from, there are lots of options for growing and cultivating palm trees as part of your landscape. While native to this area, there are many things you can do to encourage healthy palm trees. Here are the top three ways to keep your palms healthy!

  1. Water! With palm trees, you could either over or under water while you’re trying to get them established. When you first plant or transplant a palm tree, be sure to water it thoroughly until it establishes its root system in that area. Don’t flood the roots, though; consider making a “dam” with dirt to help protect any exposed roots while watering.
  2. Root Damage from Fertilizer: The roots of palm trees are very fragile. They need protection and fertilizer can burn them. Fertilizing your palm tree too close to the trunk can permanently damage the tree. On the other hand, palm trees do need fertilizer in order to grow properly. Not having proper soil is one of the top ways to accidentally kill your palm tree. It’s best to maintain the perfect balance of fertilizer for your palm.
  3. Over-pruning: This is especially tempting when hurricane season has come and gone and you have people offering to help you prune a damaged tree or offer to reduce the weight of your palm tree so it better survives a hurricane. Don’t fall for that last trick. This is very damaging to your palm tree. Your tree needs those big fronds to protect new growth. The same is true for browning fronds. Often pruned because they are deemed unsightly, palms actually use the nutrients from these fronds in order to feed the rest of the tree.

When you want seriously healthy palm trees in your yard, there’s only one place to turn – Slug-A-Bug. With the right lawn care services to help everything in your yard look amazing, our professional service is the only way to go. Contact us today for a consultation!