Green Pest Management


Slug A Bug Understands we Must Play a Vital Role in Protecting Brevard County’s Resources.

Slug-A-Bug understands we must play a vital role in protecting Brevard County’s resources. Many of our valued customers feel the same way. By choosing Green 1st as your green pest management solution, you will be partnering with us to fulfill our role in social and environmental stewardship.

What is Green 1st Green Pest Management?

Green 1st incorporates the best of both pest control worlds. Slug-A-Bug uses state of the art “GREEN” products as a first line of defense. If you should experience a stubborn infestation, Slug-A-Bug will incorperate environmentally friendly “LOW IMPACT” products only when necessary.

Why Slug-A-Bug for Green Pest Management?

We are respected throughout the state for our dedication and involvement in new and cutting edge products. We have invested many hours researching and perfecting “GREEN” programs right here in Brevard County. Our customers can be assured that we will only provide them with the highest quality of products and services.


Are the products “Safe”?

We want to assure you that our “LOW IMPACT” products are being applied by our highly trained professional. These products are being used in strict accordance with the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) regulations. Therefore you can have the highest degree of confidence that our “LOW IMPACT” products pose no increased risk to you, your family and your pets.
Slug-A-Bug hopes that the example they are setting, with their commitment to environmental stewardship, will encourage other companies to follow in their footsteps.