There are a few Florida scorpions that are referred to as a Florida striped scorpion. This could refer to the Florida bark scorpion, the Hentz striped scorpion, or the Guiana striped scorpion. Scorpions in Florida can be dangerous and will often enter a home at night, lurking in the bathtub or shower. If you've got […] Read More


There are many types of biting flies in Florida. Fly bites come from many different types of flies. The more recognized varieties of fly bites come from┬ádeer flies, horse flies, and yellow flies. These biting flies belong to a family called Tabanidae. It includes 35 species in all. These flies can lay eggs totaling up […] Read More


To say that Florida has gotten a lot of rain this year is an understatement. Unfortunately, all the hurricanes and tropical storms don't just do water damage. They have longer lasting impacts as well. One of these is the triggering of termite swarms. When the ground is moistened, termites start flying out and begin reproducing. […] Read More


It's utterly disappointing when you hear the scurrying of mice in the middle of the night. A mouse is rooting about, looking for food in your trash. Mice are sometimes cute, but a mouse problem is a complete pain to have in the house. So you look the next morning. You can't find the mouse, […] Read More

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