Drain flies, also known as moth flies, can become a major nuisance if they are allowed to get out of control.  They tend to live and breed in organic materials that can be found in drains so they are normally found in kitchens and bathrooms.  They feed on moist organic materials, like the decaying vegetation […] Read More


One common misconception that people have is the belief that once winter comes we don’t have to be on the lookout for pests anymore.  Although many pests do die out or hibernate during the winter, here in Florida that doesn’t really always happen since Florida’s winter is somewhat mild.  Instead, a variety pests look for […] Read More


We always think of lawn care and treatments during every season of the year except for winter, but getting your lawn prepared for winter is just as important.  The cold weather that winter brings can be just as damaging and stressful to our lawns as the hot and dry weather that summer brings.  Read these winter […] Read More


Of course, there are many types of spiders in Florida. The bulk of them are common house spiders. Unlike brown recluse spiders, these are typically harmless and may even be beneficial because they'll eat bugs. This makes them valuable in places like greenhouses or out in the wilderness, where they can help keep the mosquito […] Read More

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