Life in Florida comes with roaches. It's just a fact of living here. Yet this doesn't mean you have to let them walk all over you, sometimes literally. Cockroach treatments are easy to maintain with the partnership of a Brevard County Pest Control service like Slug-A-Bug. Roach Prevention The first step to getting rid of any […] Read More


The Lone Star Tick is making its presence known among Florida ticks. The Lone Star Tick is actually named for the cream-colored splotch on its back. Though it can be found in the Lone Star state of Texas, you'll also find it expanding its territory across North America – including Florida. Rising temperatures across the […] Read More


You've heard of wood destroying insects like termites and carpenter ants before. Termites eat wood and will chew through it voraciously. Carpenter ants don't eat the wood, but they will carve galleries inside of it. Both can pose severe structural damage to your home. Yet few people think of carpenter bees as a threat to […] Read More


When we get into the rainy part of the year, termites start swarming. How are the rain and termites connected? Termites are triggered to fly and reproduce when the soil becomes moist enough. They breed, they seek out a new home to begin a new nest, and then they shed their wings. Termite treatments and […] Read More

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