Cockroaches Love Florida Winters


Florida winter pests can often come into the home as if there weren’t even walls and doors. This is because they find entry points that are invisible to a homeowner. This can include a crack in the foundation, a gap through which a pipe comes in, or even just a door that leaves room at […] Read More


Termites in your home are a heart-sinking disaster. With all the rain we’ve gotten this year, they’ll be even worse than usual. They come in two varieties: subterranean and drywood. They both require termite control services to eradicate. We’ll focus on subterranean termite treatments in your home here. Termites in Your Home Subterranean termites are the […] Read More


Ghost ants get their name from their pale legs, abdomen, and antennae. Curiously, their heads and thoraxes are still black. This at least makes them easy to identify from other ants. These ants aren’t dangerous, but they can infest an area and significantly damage a garden. They’re also happy to raid your cupboard. This makes […] Read More


We get a frenzy of wildlife removal calls at this time of year. It’s not as warm as it was and the rains and floods have created some overgrowth conditions here and there. This can draw animals to the area, which results in the need to get rid of animals in your yard. As a […] Read More

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