Rats are like humans in that they adapt to their environments. Rats in the north don’t view 40-degree weather the same way a rats in Melbourne, Florida do. In the north, it may be just another day, but here in Brevard County it’s cold. Winter is winter, and in Florida, rats hate it just as much as […] Read More


There are many species of ants that are found in Florida, such as red pavement ants, white footed ants, carpenter ants, big-headed ants, Formica ants, ghost ants, Pharaoh ants, and fire ants. Finding any kind of ant infestation inside your home is bad enough but when the infestation involves the tawny crazy ant, the invasion is […] Read More


Florida has four different types of termites throughout the state.  The most common, and the most destructive, termite is the Subterranean termite, which needs a moist habitat to thrive.  The second type is the Dampwood termite, which needs a constantly moist habitat and, therefore, they prefer wood that is water-saturated.  The third is the Drywood […] Read More


Florida is home to three different types of scorpions, luckily none of them have a sting that can kill a human.  However, their sting can cause a considerable amount of pain and it can kill or injure your pets.  Scorpions in Florida can make their way into your home by going underneath the door, through […] Read More

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