What Are No-See-Ums?


You've likely heard them referred to by a range of names: gnats, midges, punkies, sand fleas, and no-see-ums. So what are No-See-Ums? They're small flies found in humid, swampy, and coastal areas. These kinds of sand fleas or sand flies cover a range of individual species. Some feed on nectar while others feed on insects, […] Read More


People typically think of pest control as something to call up when pests get inside the house. This approach ignores the best way to deal with a bug or nuisance pest infestation: before it happens. If an infestation's too far gone to handle yourself, it's time to call a Brevard County pest control service. Outdoor […] Read More


There are a few different species of┬áCarpenter ants in Florida. They are large for ants and some may have wings. There are periods of the year where they are numerous outside. Bi-colored carpenter ants are usually not quite as dangerous to a structure as the black carpenter ant, but they can both cause damage when […] Read More

Join Slug-A-Bug at the Rolling Thunder Bowling Event Supporting Veteran Charities. Learn more about this event here […] Read More

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