Fleas are some of the worst nuisances in the insect world. They create an allergic reaction that makes pets and people itch. Even just writing about them can make a person feel itchy! That's how insidious fleas can be. But the good news is that fleas are not terribly difficult to get rid of. They […] Read More


Mosquito prevention and mosquito control are crucial now more than ever. With the Zika virus being identified in Florida last year, we've got to be careful. Most mosquitoes you'll come into contact with won't be carrying the virus – but it is a good time to take some common-sense precautions that help us keep the […] Read More


Termites have become an increasing problem in many regions of Florida. Part of the issue for homeowners is simply how to identify a termite problem. Too often, homeowners think Drywood termites are a little more apparent and visible in some of their work. Drywood termites live in the wood itself and they're great at hiding […] Read More


Carpenter bees sound like they work pretty hard but are they dangerous? Luckily, not too often for people or pets and it's rare that carpenter bees will sting. They'd sooner buzz away quickly, although they can sting if cornered or harassed. What do carpenter bees in Florida do then? Well, just like their name says, […] Read More

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