Fire Ant Control



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Slug-A-Bug Takes the Sting Out of Fire Ants

If you need to control fire ants on your property, you can depend on one of our professional technicians to treat the area and get rid of these pesky pests quickly, carefully and completely. We guarantee it!

Red imported fire ants, the most common type of fire ant in our region, aren’t just an annoyance; they can produce a painful sting. In fact, they can hundreds of times, simultaneously if you step on one of their mounds.

On the surface, you can only see less than one-third of the actual fire ant colony. However, thousands of swarming ants are inside ready to attack the instant you break their nest open.

They are very dangerous to children, pets and unsuspecting adults. Their painful stings can cause severe allergic reactions and even death. They cause major disturbances to the beauty of your lawn and landscape.
Slug-A-Bug Has the Solution

One of our licensed and highly trained technicians will treat your Fire ant problem with the most effective and environmentally-responsible product on the market today: Topchoice®

Topchoice® is a granular insecticide that provides unsurpassed control of fire ants and offers several important advantages:

  • Extensive Residual Effect: Topchoice® kills existing colonies of fire ants and prevents new ones from being established. It can be applied any time of year and just one application controls fire ants for up to one (1) full year. After its initial release into the soil, Topchoice® binds to the soil tightly, creating a lasting barrier—one that’s not affected by heavy rainfall. Because it acts gradually, Topchoice® kills foraging workers, but not before they carry the insecticide back to the colony and spread it to the queens and other ants.
  • Controls Secondary Pests: Besides providing effective control of fire ants for one year, Topchoice® also controls mole crickets for four (4) months, nuisance ants for three months (3) and fleas and ticks for one (1) month.
  • High Safety Profile: Topchoice® is selectively toxic to insects, and optimum control is achieved with extremely low dose rates. Because of its selective effects, there are no concerns about family or pets when Topchoice® is applied by a professional.

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