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SAB Lawn Services – The Key to a Beautiful Lawn

At Slug-A-Bug, we understand that you want a beautiful, green, thick, weed-free, healthy lawn and that’s exactly what we want to provide you with. Call us today and discover what thousands of satisfied Slug-A-Bug customers have already experienced: a beautiful lawn in the Brevard County Florida climate – free of insects and weeds. Contact us and discover the Slug-A-Bug customer care experience and difference!

State of the Art Lawn Care Program

We will service your lawn every two months. This is necessary in order to keep damaging insects under control, to reduce weed pressure and to feed the lawn/landscape throughout the year to keep it healthy. We only use state of the art equipment and the highest quality, environmentally responsible, materials to treat your lawn.

The Slug-A-Bug Lawn Guarantee

We will get it right, along with your cooperation, or we will return between service visits at no additional charge to you! You are welcome to contact us at any time so that we can answer any questions or concerns that you might have about your lawn or landscape.


Experienced, Trained, Licensed, Professionals

Each one of our Route Managers has been trained according to state guidelines and receives ongoing training in all aspects of lawn and landscape care. They will guide and direct you to help keep your lawn and/or landscape healthy.

Uniquely Qualified to Care for Your Lawn

Slug-A-Bug has been serving Brevard County residents for more than 30 years. We adhere to and apply science-based, Green Industry Best Management Practices for Florida-Friendly Landscaping as taught by the University of Florida/IFAS. We are proud members of the Florida Pest Management Association and the National Pest Management Associations. We adhere to the highest professional standards and have been designated as a Quality Pro certified company by the National Pest Management Association. We participate in the Ask the Seal Program, (hyperlink) which means that our employees are security checked and drug screened on an annual basis. We are particularly proud to be recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency, as a Steward of the Environment. As a Silver Member, (hyperlink) this designation is held by a select number of companies in the country.

SAB and You: A Beautiful Lawn Requires an Ongoing Partnership

There are several key factors to consider that have an effect on the overall health and appearance of your lawn and landscape. It is imperative that you help us help you by doing your part in maintaining a healthy and vibrant lawn.

Watering – Proper amounts of water and good coverage are critical to the success of the lawn program. Turf will not survive on feedings alone. Water makes up 70-80% of the weight of grass blades and helps to move the fertilizer, weed control and insecticide to the root zone where it is readily taken up and used. Any areas not receiving adequate water will be apparent by the leaf blades beginning to fold lengthwise. Any areas deficient in water will respond slowly to our program and could potentially lead to turf loss. In order to properly water your lawn, it should receive ¾”-1” of water in all areas with each watering. This can be easily measured by placing empty tuna fish cans or small shallow bowls in the lawn and running the irrigation system long enough to fill the tuna cans. Make any adjustments to the irrigation time until you receive this amount when watering. During periods of drought, it is especially important to check all irrigation heads. This helps to ensure they are working properly and you are receiving adequate amount and coverage of water. In general, you will want to water ONLY in the early morning hours. Irrigation should be off by daybreak (dawn). This will help to reduce the likelihood of the lawn staying wet for too long and creating the potential for disease.

Mowing – Mowing is another very important factor in keeping your lawn healthy and reducing the weed population. Many times, lawns are cut too low. This will result in the soil drying out faster and requiring more amounts of water. The lower the lawn is mowed, the shallower the root system will be. This creates stress on the overall lawn, making it more susceptible to heat and cold stress or even damage. It also creates a good habitat for weeds to thrive. Proper mowing height should be followed at all times. Additionally, alternating the mowing pattern is very important. Mowing in the same direction leads to soil compaction as well as high and low spots in the lawn. Over time, the high spots can become scalped due to the unevenness in the lawn which can lead to turf decline. Conversely, the low areas will become compacted due to the weight of the mower. This can cause soil compaction which can lead to poor water dispersion to the root zone and potentially stressing the roots. Ultimately, this will lead to a decline of the turf on the surface. In short, it is highly recommended to alternate your mowing pattern at least every-other-mowing. Lastly, make sure the mower blades are sharp. Dull mower blades can shred the tips of the turf, leaving the grass looking brown and open to disease.

Weeds – Weeds or weed seeds are always present in the lawn. The extent to which they are visible depends greatly on several key factors. Proper watering and irrigation coverage,density of turf, type of turf grass, proper mowing and shade are all a factor. At times we will apply a pre-emergent weed control to the lawn which will aid in preventing certain types of weeds. These products will not stop every type of weed we get here in Florida, however we also apply a post-emergent weed control each time we service the lawn with targeted herbicides for specific weeds that may be present already. Some weeds can be extremely persistent and difficult to control and require multiple applications. Weeds are similar to plants in that they require certain growing conditions to thrive. Some weeds thrive in dry sandy soils while others prefer moist or wet soils. Our technicians are trained to identify and treat accordingly. It’s important to be aware that weeds can develop in between our regular visits which is why we offer free service calls to address any questions or concerns.

ShadeAll plant material needs sunlight to grow. In order for your lawn to benefit from sunlight and the photosynthesis process that it needs to survive, it is important the lawn has adequate sunlight. Too much shade or several hours of shade each day can thin out areas in the lawn. Fertilizer alone does not necessarily improve these areas. What is needed is sunlight. Pruning back trees or shrubs to allow for more sunlight in turf areas will greatly improve the turf in those areas. Large trees with extensive root systems, such as oaks, can also thin areas of the turf. The root system of these trees can rob water and nutrients from the soil that the lawn needs. Also, certain times of the year when they drop their leaves, the leaves can suffocate the turf causing it to thin out. Raking leaves on a regular basis will help.

Soil Compaction – Soil compaction is another leading cause of turf decline. Most grasses here in Florida are not wear-tolerant. Excessive wear from pets, mowing in the same direction, parking on the grass or simply playing in the lawn can sometimes lead to compaction. Soil compaction can prevent good water filtration and nutrient uptake. Compacted soil can hold too much water and result in disease and stunted growth of the turf. Nutrients are not readily taken up as with good quality soil. Sometimes these can be small areas which can be relieved by using a pitch fork to create air pockets in the soil or possibly having the lawn aerated. Most lawns do not need a full aeration if soil compaction is confined only to a small area.

Weather – Weather plays a big role in the appearance of your lawn. This is seen in the spring through summer growing season and fall through winter dormant season. During the cool time of year when there are less hours of sunlight, your turf is not actively growing as much as it is in the spring and summer. During this time of year, we promote good root strength. Just like a bear in the winter that needs to eat and then stores its food for when it comes out of hibernation, so it is with your lawn. We feed it all year and shift focus to the root zone in the fall and winter which, like the bear, is still very much alive. The color may not be as green, however due to cold temperatures and the low cold tolerance of most turf. Our focus on the root zone is so that you have an early spring green-up and a root zone that is healthy and strong enough to survive this “hibernation” period. Each lawn is different and some may maintain a better green than others. There are many factors that go into why one may be greener than another. Rest assured, we understand the process and work through it year after year.

Beyond Anyone’s Control – Our service is designed to treat, diagnose, recommend and work to prevent issues with your lawn. However, as you have seen, there are several factors beyond our control. This is why it is important to us that you are aware of things that can hinder a successful lawn program and our ability to attain desired results.

Here at Slug-A-Bug, we pride ourselves on being the leading experts in Lawn, Tree/Shrub Care, Pest Control and Termite Services. Should you at any time have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call us at: (321) 259-7844.