Fleas and Summer: Common Partners


It’s summer, and for those with pets, that can often mean one thing – flea infestation. These pests seem to thrive in the summer more than they do any other season. Here are a few things you should know about fleas and summer.

Why Do They Thrive in the Summer?

Although fleas can be a problem all year long as a result of warm conditions in our homes, the problem escalates quickly when warm weather arrives. Like most insects, fleas breed and feed in the spring and summer months. The life cycle of the fleas increases rapidly in warm, humid weather. Furthermore, like my own cat, homeowners are more likely to let their pets outside in the summertime.

Why Are They So Common?

Each female flea is capable of carrying 2,000 eggs, and when those eggs hatch, the young fleas feed on the blood of animals such as cats and dogs, though humans certainly aren’t immune to fleas. Fleas are also notorious for their ability to jump high, so a susceptible pet doesn’t need to be rolling in a bed of fleas to become a carrier of them.

Isn’t Treating My Pet Enough?

Every responsible pet owner should regularly treat his or her pet with the proper topical flea medication. However, even a furry friend who has been properly treated can still be susceptible to fleas. Flea prevention medicines are simply incapable of handling a large enough population. Since fleas hatch so many eggs at once, if your home is a breeding ground for them, your pets may get fleas regardless. A clean home is no guarantee of flea prevention either, so regular vigilance is absolutely necessary.

Keep your furry companions and your family safe in the summer. Prevent and eliminate those bothersome fleas at the first sign of trouble.

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