Are Moles Digging Up Your Yard?

Moles can be a real annoyance and they can really do a lot of damage to your yard.  Moles will tunnel around beneath your yard and eat at the tender roots of grasses and other plants.  They will also leave holes with mounds of dirt around them that can mean additional damage as well as ruin the aesthetic of any lawn.  Initially you may not realize you have moles because it can take some time before the grass begins to die.  Eventually, however, you may realize that certain areas are starting to yellow and there may also be issues with the health of other plants. You may see a pattern in the yellowing of grass.  It may be in the shape of tunnels, which can reveal what ways the mole has traveled.   

Yes, I Have Moles  
If some of these issues sound strikingly familiar, then it is a very good possibility that you do have a mole problem.  You will want to be completely sure, however, as lawn damage can also come from other areas, such as voles, chinch bugs, and other potential pests.  You can be 100% sure by contacting a reputable pest control company and asking for an evaluation.  Many companies offer evaluations for free.  They can let you know for sure whether or not you have a mole problem.  From there you can decide what you want to do about them.   

Mole Solutions  
There are various do-it-yourself methods out there concerning moles, but they can require you to wait and may not always do the job.  It may take more time than you want to catch the moles and put a stop to them.  Also, how many moles do you have?  Just one?  More than one?  While you wait for a store-bought trap to work, the moles will continue to travel around and destroy your lawn and gardens.   

Professional pest control companies are a much better investment because they can get rid of the moles the first time, allowing you to get back on track with your lawn much sooner.  After their evaluation they can let you know how many moles are in your lawn, as well as what they can do to remedy the problem.  You should look into a company that offers green solutions as well.  This way you can be sure that your lawn is free of poisons or other chemicals and that it will be safe for your children and pets to play on.

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