No One Wants Scorpions in Their House

Steering Clear of the Scorpion’s Sting  
There are many different pests that one might have to deal with while living in Florida, and unfortunately the scorpion is one of them.  One look at a scorpion can send anyone running in the other direction.  That is because we are well-acquainted with one simple fact: scorpions can sting and their venom is dangerous.  No one wants to be stung by a scorpion and discovering one in your home can be alarming.  Finding more than one means you would benefit from calling a pest control service for a very thorough evaluation.  The last thing you need is a scorpion infestation.original

Why Scorpions Arrive  
Scorpions may decide to move into your home for a variety of reasons.  There may be a place in your home that provides them with the ideal location to live.  Though scorpions are most often found in hot areas of the world, they are surprisingly sensitive to moisture loss.  This is why they are often found under rocks or foliage – the dark helps keep them comfortable.  They may also move in because their food source has.  Scorpions enjoy eating all sorts of insects, such as crickets or even each other!  If an infestation of crickets has occurred in your home, the scorpions may follow and this is not something you want.

There are several different types of scorpions that live in Florida, and all of them have venom that can be very painful to deal with if stung.  An allergic reaction to a sting can mean even worse problems.  No matter what, you should always contact medical professionals if you have been stung by a scorpion.

Moving Scorpions Out Where They Belong  
Scorpions are better off outside where they belong.  There are plenty of insects for them to eat out there – you don’t need them “helping” inside your home.  That’s what exterminators are for.  By calling a professional pest control service, you can eliminate scorpions as well as any other insects that may have invaded your home.  A quality service will do a top to bottom evaluation and inform you of the situation as well as what can be done about it.

From there you will know if any part of your home needs to be fixed in order to help keep pests out as well as what to look for in case of any unexpected future infestations.  There are also green methods that can be used that are safer than pesticides, so don’t be afraid to ask the company if they are eco-friendly!

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