Should I Be Worried About Chinch Bugs?

Crawling Through the Grass   
Chinch bugs are small insects that feed on the sap of grass.  We don’t often think about grass having sap, but that is precisely what comes out when a blade of grass is broken. Chinch bugs use their mouthparts to pierce through the outer layer of the grass and then suck out the plant juices.  This in itself might not be enough to kill the grass, but the insects also inject chemicals into the plant that actually block the plant’s vascular system.  Because of this, the grass is no longer able to transport needed nutrients to the rest of itself, and in turn this leads to the death of the grass.

Can I See Chinch Bugs?  

One way to know if you have chinch bugs is if you start to notice patchy areas of grass that seem to be dying for no reason.  The patches are irregular but will eventually spread as the bugs do.  This can be the first indication that there is a problem.

Chinch bugs are anywhere from 1mm to 5mm (depending upon the species) and live in the grasses on your lawn.  Combing through the grass may actually reveal the insects.  Don’t check grass that is already dead – there is nothing left for the bugs to feed on, so they will have moved on.  Instead, wait until a sunny day to look, as chinch bugs are most active during this time, and gently spread the grass in areas that are beginning to show signs of distress.  You may be able to see the bugs moving around.

What Do I Do?  
If you think you have chinch bugs or have identified them yourself, the best way to ensure that they are taken care of is to contact your local green lawn pest control company.  They will be able to verify that there are chinch bugs in your lawn and let you know what can be done to take care of the problem.  They may also have different green options that will take care of the chinch bugs without posing a risk to any of your children or pets who like to play outside.  There are many different green options available to companies today, so don’t be afraid to ask.

Once the chinch bugs are taken care of, you can focus on bringing dead patches of grass back to life and getting your lawn back to its former glory.

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