What is Integrated Pest Management?

You’re probably greening nearly every aspect of your life, but have you ever thought about going with greener pest control management methods? Traditional pesticides can be very damaging to the environment, but going with a greener program can help you get rid of the pests without the damage. Dubbed integrated pest management, green pest control is the way to go if you’re concerned about environmental impact.

Common Sense Techniques
At the heart of integrated pest management is a series of common sense techniques that help you keep pests at bay before they become a problem. In most cases, a pest control company that employs an integrated pest management program has a three-pronged approach. They first inspect the property to see what pests are currently problematic, then they identify the problem and treat it. The treatment options here range from simply sealing up entry points to making certain pests don’t have access to food and water to using greener pesticide choices when necessary.

Good integrated pest management has to be a contract between you and your pest control professional. He or she will point out many different recommendations that may require you to original  do some maintenance on your home, and you’ll have to establish a threshold so your exterminator understands what you can and can’t tolerate. For example, if there are ticks at the corner of your property that you don’t use, your exterminator may simply leave the problem alone. If, however, you have mice nesting in your garden shed and that’s a problem, your exterminator will work with you to help eliminate that problem before it spreads to the house.

Getting the Right Help
Finding a pest control company that employs an integrated pest management strategy is easier than you think. Many companies are moving toward this model these days, and some have even become part of the EPA’s Pest Environmental Stewardship Program, which helps to take things one step further.

If you’re interested in finding an exterminator who can help you adopt an integrated pest management approach in your own home, start with your current pest control company. Ask them what options they have available. If they’re not yet on the green bandwagon, talk to friends, neighbors, and colleagues about who they use for green pest control. Going green with pest control is not just a step in making your life a little greener, it’s also the perfect way to keep dangerous pesticides away from your family and pets.original  ad50eed2-fa7b-4e4b-8803-0f58cc88dd66?service=Wordpress&f=2006427&view=true

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