Preventing Ticks

If your property is surrounded by or located near a wooded area, you could have a serious problem as the weather gets warmer each year ticks. What’s more, though, is that thanks to the mild winters of the past few years, the tick problem is only getting worse across the nation, and particularly in Brevard County. Understanding how to prevent ticks on your property is your best first line of defense.

Ticks 101
There are more than 800 different species of ticks throughout the world, but just 8 of them can be found on this continent. The American Dog Tick, the Lone Star Tick, the Deer Tick, and the Brown Dog Tick are the most common types. Ticks aren’t actually insects. They’re arthropods. They have 8 legs once they’re grown, and they can carry a variety of diseases including Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Lyme Disease. Ticks can be carried for thousands of miles by animals, birds, and even people.

Keeping Ticks Away From Your Home
Wondering how to keep these fearsome creatures out of your home? There are a number of different actions you can take in terms of outdoor pest control. First, make certain you treat your pets with products that are specifically labeled for tick control. You’ll want to treat their bedding for ticks as well. Additionally, you need to make certain you keep a tight lid on your outdoor garbage cans to keep wildlife from making them a midnight snack. Raccoons, opossums, and squirrels can all help ticks reach your home or yard much faster, and doing what you can to discourage them is a must. It’s also necessary to make certain you trim your shrubs and cut the grass near any paths frequented by your animals on a fairly frequent basis. You’ll get less contact between the hosts and ticks this way. If you intend to be working in an area with lots of underbrush, go with light colored clothing so you can spot any dark ticks immediately. You should also use an insect repellent that contains DEET on any exposed skin.

If you do find a tick attached to your skin, remove it right away. Ticks usually have to be attached for quite some time before any diseases can be passed, so the sooner you get it off, the less your chances of contracting a disease.

Tick problems are simply a reality for many people, but the Brevard County pest control service can help. If you’re dealing with a tick infestation near your home, contact your local pest control professionals for assistance with outdoor pest control.084e8e6e-5f62-4563-892e-60c7d3bef80e?service=Wordpress&f=2006427&view=true

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