Steering Clear of Hornets

What to Look For  
Hornets are just fine if they’re outside, pollinating flowers eating other insects.  But there are times when hornets just come too close to home.  In fact, some hornets are comfortable making a nest around or even in your home, and this is something that cannot be tolerated.

Hornets don’t look like bees.  While they do tend to share the same characteristic black and yellow colors, hornets are much larger with longer, thinner wings.  They can grow to about 1.25 inches and have a stinger that is not barbed like a honeybee’s, which means they can sting multiple times without ever harming themselves.  They can also be extremely aggressive when agitated, whoriginal  ich is what makes the clash between humans and hornet nests to problematic.

Nests are made of a paper-like substance that the hornet makes by chewing up wood.  They craft the nest out of this wood and saliva mixture and prefer covered areas, so attics and various overhanging areas will be attractive to them.  For people who never see a nest, they won’t realize they’ve disturbed it until the hornets come out to defend it – which is where things get potentially dangerous.

How to Handle the Problem  
If you discover a hornet’s nest, never do anything to jar it or otherwise provoke the hornets inside.  If you notice a great number of hornets around your home, but have never seen a nest, it may be in a hidden area that only the hornets can reach.

Whatever the case may be, you should avoid solving the problem yourself – a can of insect spray will not work on an entire colony.  Call professionals who have professional experience dealing with hornet nests.  They will be able to find out where the nest is, eliminate the hornets, and then remove the nest.

No Poisons Involved  
A quality outdoor pest control company will be able to accomplish this without the need for powerful pesticides.  There are excellent green products out there that are environmentally responsible and won’t harm your home, family, or pets.  If you call an outdoor pest control company, ask if they use green products or check out their website first to find out their policy and usage of green products.  This day and age there is no reason not to use green methods of pest control as they are effective and much better for everyone involved.  Your hornet problem will be solved and you’ll be able to enjoy your property without further worries!original  67e8caa9-dc2b-4a4b-a3d8-b478bd07454f?service=Wordpress&f=2006427&view=true

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