The Difference Between Fire, Sugar and Carpenter Ants

Ants are the most common pest you’ll see in and around your home, and are hard to control. They are anywhere you can find water and food, and not only a nuisance but depending on the ant can contaminate food, damage lawns and wood, and even yourself. The biggest issue is that the ant colony, once alerted to danger, will actually start reproducing and create bigger colonies. If you have an ant problem, be sure to contact a Brevard County pest control service.

There are several ant species in Florida, but the primary ones you’ll see are fire ants, sugar ants, and carpenter ants.original

Fire Ants
Fire ants have a dark abdomen and a copper head, and are one of the more dangerous types of ants. They’re very aggressive and will attack and sting anything that threatens them. These painful stings tend to raise welts and cause itching, and there is a major potential for infection.

Fire ants tend to live in mounds that are at least four inches high, and typically build more than one mound. A colony of fire ants can be 250,000 – sometimes even more! They are omnivores, eating almost anything, including seeds. This means trouble if you keep any crops.

Sugar Ants
Sugar ants are often confused with other ant species, but have a pale yellow to orange body. One of the more invasive ant species in Florida, they’re known for getting into some of tightest and most sterile locations.

As you no doubt can tell by their name, they tend to feed on sweets, and like to live in the same temperatures we do. They can build their nests almost anywhere – even indoors – and will mate in their nests, which makes it even harder to know you’re infested until it’s too late.

Carpenter Ants
Varying in color from dull black to red, carpenter ants are one of the larger ants found in Florida. Often mistaken for termites, carpenter ants like to nest in areas that have moisture and wood, but they don’t eat wood. They actually cause the damage to the wood by tunneling through it.

Carpenter ants tend to feed on plant and fruit juices, among other items. They also typically have satellite nests, which mean the ants are more spread out.

It’s best to contact an ant pest control company if you have an ant infestation, as they can make sure the full colony is controlled.original  1cf77287-fa13-4410-986f-e0afa6692a34?service=Wordpress&f=2006427&view=true

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