Slug-A-Bug Pest Control


Not all bees are created equally. There are bees to fear and bees to thank. Honeybees not only produce their delicious namesake treat, they are also largely responsible for the pollination of our crops. This important insect is in decline and needs special care. Other bees can be quite a serious pest control problem. Even […] Read More

Aphids Can Ruin Your Shrubs


You might think that something as small as an aphid couldn’t take down something as big and glorious as your thick, green lawn. But this itsy bity bug could be the ruination of your magnificent lawn. Make sure you take aphids seriously when planning your outdoor pest control strategies or your lawn could suffer. What […] Read More

white flies

Every gardener looks forward to spring, counting down the days when planting can begin and the flowers and shrubs of each season can be enjoyed. But apart from the mulching and trimming and enjoyment of the garden comes the typical garden pests, as well. One of those pests, the whitefly, is a gardener’s worst enemy. […] Read More

Carpenter Ant Prevention Tips


Your home. It’s your biggest investment, and you’ll probably do anything to protect it, right? Wood destroying organisms do billions of dollars in damage to homes every single year, and carpenter ants are a big part of the problem. How can you keep them out of your home? These tips can help. Remain Aware of […] Read More