Slug-A-Bug Pest Control

Carpenter Ant Prevention Tips


Your home. It’s your biggest investment, and you’ll probably do anything to protect it, right? Wood destroying organisms do billions of dollars in damage to homes every single year, and carpenter ants are a big part of the problem. How can you keep them out of your home? These tips can help. Remain Aware of […] Read More


Most pests in the home fall into one of two categories. Either they’re dangerous or they’re simply a nuisance. The dangerous pests are obviously a concern, but the nuisance pests give you just as much reason to contact a Brevard County pest control service like Slug-A-Bug. They can create issues for your home too, and […] Read More

Common Rodents in Florida


Florida is a great state. It is a place filled with sunny summers and great beaches. Many dream of living here, and even more dream of the nice getaway they could have in this fantastic state. But, like every state, it has its fair share of problems. One such problem is that Florida is home […] Read More

Winter Lawn Care Tips for Florida


There are many places across this beautiful country where lawn care is only important during spring, summer and early fall. As winter settles in, the climate grows colder, and lawn maintenance gets a little break. Snow covers the ground, and grass gets some time off. In many regions across America, winter is a time when […] Read More