fire ants in florida Slug-A-Bug Melbourne FL

The painful burning sting is bad enough, but the visible mounds all over your gorgeous lawn are nothing short of torture. Fire ants in your yard? You're not alone. They appear across the Southern United States, and fire ants in Florida have almost become a cliché pest with which almost every homeowner must deal at […] Read More

sugar ants Slug-A-Bug Melbourne FL

Sugar and sweets. It probably sounds like a recipe for breaking your diet, but it's a recipe for another problem too - sugar ants. A few spilled grains of sugar after your morning coffee. An unsealed box of brownies on the counter. Leave items like these out for too long, and you'll be dealing with […] Read More

dog tick Slug-A-Bug Melbourne FL

You can find the American dog tick almost anywhere in the United States, and as with any tick these days, they're very dangerous. Known to carry conditions like Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Tularemia, understanding how to keep them out of your yard and off of you is an absolute must. It's a Timing Issue […] Read More

no-see-ums slugabug

They can strike when you least expect them. You're enjoying the Florida sun on your patio, maybe grilling something delicious for dinner, then suddenly you feel it. A bite. You may not have even seen the insect, but it certainly saw you. In fact, you may be covered in bites before you ever see a […] Read More

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