Florida Summer Lawn Care Tips

lawn care 1 aug

Even though we separate our indoor life from the outside by constructing houses, our home extends from inside our walls to the lawn; the two interrelate. While lawn care creates beautiful areas, it’s also important for managing insects and critters that we don’t want to encounter whether we’re inside or out. Slug-A-Bug can help with […] Read More

Wasp Stings Really Hurt!

wasp 1 Aug

The sound of a buzzing wasp or the way those black and yellow bodies floats around in the air bothers us for a reason; their stings are painful and annoying at best, and can cause really severe allergic reactions at worst. A normal reaction to a wasp sting will still cause pain, swelling, and redness […] Read More


With billions of dollars in property damage already done this year and the potential for your home to be next on the hit list, termites are one creature you just never want to face. As often as people worry about termites, though, some still don’t take the necessary measures for treatment! Take a closer look […] Read More


Take a quick scan of the headlines, and you’ll quickly find hundreds of stories of killer bee attacks. Kids, police officers, park rangers, even the average Joe have all had encounters with Africanized Honey Bees, commonly called “killer bees,” and those headlines are terrifying. The thing about these bees, though, is that you should be […] Read More

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