Fighting Paper Wasps


Few creatures are quite as aggressive as the paper wasp, and throughout North America, there are 22 different species of these insects, many of them calling Florida home. The last thing you want to deal with in your backyard this summer is an infestation of this problematic creature. What can you do to keep them […] Read More

It’s Time for Ticks!

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The warmth of summer is closing in fast, and that can only mean one thing – it’s time to start being concerned about ticks. The more often you’re outside to enjoy the beauty and warmth of a Florida summer, the more likely you are to be plagued by these pests. Given the number of diseases […] Read More

Tell Me About Pyramid Ants

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Active all year in Florida, pyramid ants are a predatory pest with one redeeming characteristic. These ants have adapted to life with humans remarkably well. Where you see one, thousands are likely living in a mounded nest nearby and they have a nasty habit of sneaking into your house. But they do one thing that […] Read More

Coming Soon: Chinch Bugs

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Have you noticed an expanding island of dead or dying grass in your lush lawn? It could be the first sign of a serious yard pest – the chinch bug. The damage can progress rapidly in sunny places during dry, hot weather. Under these criteria, it’s easy to see how Florida lawns can be in […] Read More

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