There are a wide variety of ants in our environment, many of which are perfectly harmless. However, certain species can present quite the problem. They take the pest quality, and amplify it. Certain types of ants can be a total nightmare. Not only are they insistent…invading in a rather large number. . . but they […] Read More


Along with having the perfect home, everyone dreams of having the perfect yard —pest-free and beautiful. But having a great, well-kept yard means more than just taking care of the lawn . It means managing weeds, pests and keeping it well-groomed. But it also means taking care of any trees that might be on your […] Read More


Pests, as everyone knows, are just a part of life. Though we may wish we could live in a world free of pests, this is not the case. Pests of various sorts are always close by and seem all too eager to put a damper on things. Out of all the different types of pests […] Read More

Wasp Control This Season

wasp nest

When it comes to the large variety of pests in Florida, wasps can be one of the most troubling. They can be found practically everywhere and their very existence is enough to make the skin crawl. After all, when a nest is present, wasps isn’t far away. And when there are wasps, there is the […] Read More

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