biting flies Slug-A-Bug Melbourne FL

You know a pest is going to present a real problem to your outdoor living space when it has the term "biting" right there in its name, and biting flies are a little different. While many creatures are sometimes called biting flies, yellow biting files tend to be the biggest nuisance in Florida. How can […] Read More

Florida mosquitoes control slug-a-bug Melbourne

Few things can take the fun out of your outdoor living space quite like bloodthirsty mosquitoes. Perhaps you're sitting on your porch just as the sun sinks below the horizon when you feel that first bite. Maybe you're out by the pool when you start to feel them buzzing around. Either way, you want to […] Read More

Understanding Florida Cicadas

Florida Cicadas Slug-A-Bug Melbourne FL

Summer in Florida. It's as defined by the heat as it is by the sounds of Florida cicadas almost everywhere you turn. How much do you really know about this signature summer sound, or the creature itself for that matter? Demystifying the Sound Florida cicadas are well known for their very loud calls that seem […] Read More

Tawny Crazy Ants Slug-A-Bug Melbourne FL

A gift should be an enjoyable experience, right? That's certainly not the case with tawny crazy ants. Also known as the Rasberry ant, this is one of the most intrusive and difficult to deal with species on the planet. In 2002, exterminator Tom Rasberry noticed this ant became very prolific in Texas, and he had […] Read More

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