what are wheel bugs slug-a-bug melbourne fl

Wheel bugs are quite awesome. We know, we know, we're a pest control company, we're supposed to tell you all bugs are evil and need to be eradicated. But part of being a really good pest control company, is knowing when bugs truly are pests, and which bugs are helpful. So what is a wheel […] Read More

pruning palm trees slug-a-bug

Is there a proper method for pruning palm trees? There is, but it gets complicated. Many think pruning palm trees regularly is the way to go, but there are actually better and worse times to trim palm trees. Some reasons for pruning palm trees are aesthetic, while others affect the health of the tree, and […] Read More

flying spiders slug-a-bug

Wait, spiders can fly now? To a certain extent, yes. Researchers have recently discovered that certain large spiders can maneuver in the air, steering their course as they fall. “Gliding” might be a more accurate term instead of flying spiders, but we're not sure either term really makes anyone feel more comfortable. These spiders can […] Read More

where do killer bees come from slug-a-bug melbourne fl

Killer bees are a serious problem, especially around Florida. Some bees are more docile, but killer bees are aggressive and attack in the tens of thousands when disturbed. Unlike most bees, swarms will also follow you far from the hive. They have been known to kill even fully grown adults. Where do killer bees come […] Read More

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