what are palmetto bugs Slug-A-Bug

Cockroaches - They're disgusting little creatures, yet in a place like Florida, they're nothing short of commonplace. You may have heard of palmetto bugs, too, though. Exactly what are Palmetto bugs, and what do they have to do with cockroaches? It can be a bit confusing. Palmetto Bug - Many Names, Many Creatures Palmetto Bug […] Read More

how to get rid of whiteflies Slug-A-Bug

Your yard is beginning to look absolutely gorgeous this season. The daisy bush offers a spot of color while your leather fern is really beginning to develop and become a serious conversation piece. Then, just as suddenly as things began to look amazing, the worst happens. Your plants weaken, the leaves yellow, and they get […] Read More

fire ants in florida Slug-A-Bug Melbourne FL

The painful burning sting is bad enough, but the visible mounds all over your gorgeous lawn are nothing short of torture. Fire ants in your yard? You're not alone. They appear across the Southern United States, and fire ants in Florida have almost become a cliché pest with which almost every homeowner must deal at […] Read More

keep wasps away Slug-A-Bug

Wasps can ruin your best afternoon on the patio in a hurry. Whether they've managed to form a nest or you're just afraid one will fly up and sting you, they're a serious nuisance when you're trying to make the most of your outdoor living space. How can you keep wasps away? These tips can […] Read More

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