Art 1 - roof rat at home

First, forget the idea that rats live only in buildings that should be demolished. They can, and do, enter into well-kept homes. The roof rat, for instance, can squeeze through openings as small as a nickel. It is easy for them to find an entrance route into houses, most commonly through garages, laundry or utility […] Read More

Art 2 - Flea infestation

With pets, come fleas. These irritating wingless insects can live on your animals for weeks. Which means they can live on anything your pet comes into contact with: such as your furniture, upholstery, carpets, and bedding. Being pet-free doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be flea-free. They can hitch a ride into your home with visitors who […] Read More

Caring for Your Cabbage Palm Trees

Blog 1 Cabbage Palm trees

In centuries past, Seminole Indians used the cabbage palm tree’s heart as food, its fronds as brooms, and the trunks for water pilings. A truly exceptional plant. Today, though, to preserve these wonderful trees, Florida homeowners and residential lawn care services are better served using them as decorative elements and beautiful additions to landscapes. About […] Read More

The Predatory Stink Bug

Article 2 Stink bug on plant

As fall and winter approaches the weather gets cooler, and as much as you don’t enjoy it, there are creatures who really don’t – bugs. As fall arrives and winter approaches, they begin looking for warm places to stay in order to survive. You can probably guess which warm places they might pick for the […] Read More

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