mice removal slug a bug melbourne FL

No one actually wants to deal with a pest control problem like mice. The simple reality though, is that most people do struggle with getting rid of these pests in their house at some point. There are lots of DIY solutions, and while few people simply do nothing, not many reach for the phone immediately […] Read More

get rid of fruit flies melbourne fl slug a bug

Fruit flies are a nuisance in humid environments like ours. They'll get in anything and everything, infesting where you least suspect them. Here's a primer on what you need to know to protect your house and food from a creature that truly fits the description of pest. We'll even give you some tips on how […] Read More

lovebugs in florida slug a bug

Lovebugs are black flies with a bright orange spot near their heads. They're referred to as lovebugs because they're often seen flying in mating pairs. After periods of the year that experience heavy rainfall, they come out in droves. They're relatively new to Florida, migrating northward in recent decades and becoming more and more of […] Read More

what do termites look like Slug-A-Bug

At Slug-A-Bug, one of the single most important pest control services we provide is a termite inspection. Wondering why? Every year, termites do billions of dollars in damage to homes across the United States, and in a warm environment like Melbourne, we're certainly not exempt from much of that damage. Termites would love nothing more […] Read More

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