centipede found on tile

Long body. Lots of legs. Crawling across your floor. Centipede or millipede? It’s hard to tell. Centipedes and millipedes look a lot alike and it can be difficult to tell the two apart. While it’s not a necessity you do so before you start calling a professional pest control team to help, it may be […] Read More

honey bee hive

It’s probably a situation you’ve dealt with more than once – you find a bee hive or wasp nest on your property. Your immediate thought is to get rid of it as soon as possible, right? Unfortunately, that’s not always the best course of action. While you certainly can get rid of it, you may […] Read More

roach infestation problem

No one wants to walk into the kitchen only to see a roach scurry across the counter, but it happens all of the time, even in the best households. Fortunately, it’s not something you have to put up with. These tips can help you prevent a cockroach problem completely. Clean routinely: One of the single […] Read More

Keep-Mice-Out (1)

No homeowner wants to deal with an invasion of rodents, but many associate this problem with the cooler months of the year. There’s a good reason for that – it usually happens as the fall weather starts to set in, even in the warmer fall temperatures in Brevard County. That’s not the only time you […] Read More

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