new construction termites treatments Slug-A-Bug

Adding on to your home can be an exciting process. There’s nothing quite like having a brand new space to fill with your belongings and your memories. Adding on can also mean one more thing, though. The need for additional termite treatment. Even if you’ve had your home treated for termites in the past, a […] Read More

fresh vegetables in canvas bag on kitchen counter

It’s the perfect time of year for an army of black ants to invade your kitchen and maybe even your bathroom. What’s your next step? What do you do when you wake up to a kitchen full of ants? Your best next step is to call us. Before it gets that far, though, there are […] Read More

termite control Slug-A-Bug

The humble termite is actually a pretty amazing little powerhouse if you consider it objectively. The sheer scope of what termites can do is kind of incredible. Environmental science actually considers them a beneficial creature (if you can believe that!) because of the role they play in breaking down dead and decaying tough cellulose fibers […] Read More

black widow spiders Brevard County Slug-A-Bug

As the weather warms up you’ll probably be tempted to start spring cleaning. You’ll finally get around to moving those boxes in the attic or straightening up the garage. Maybe you’ll head out to your shed to clean and sharpen your gardening tools. You’ll consider re-stacking the remaining firewood and putting it closer to the […] Read More

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