The Carpenter Bee Article 1

If you’ve noticed any small, perfectly circular holes on your house, deck or other wooden structures, you may have a carpenter bee infestation. These critters, also known as wood bees, are one of the more destructive pests that can take up residence on your property. Like termites, they make their habitat in wooden structures, chewing […] Read More


A tug here, a tug there. A backache here, a sunburn there. Pulling those summer weeds is a hassle in more ways than one, but a beautiful lawn always comes with weed problems like these, doesn’t it? Not exactly. With tips like these, your lawn could stay weed free all summer. Start Early! The sooner […] Read More

fire ant mound

There are few pests quite as aggressive as the fire ant. They’ll swarm almost anything, even attacking wild animals at times because their nest has been disturbed or because they need a new source of food. Nearly 40% of those who live in fire ant infested areas suffer a nasty sting every year, and once […] Read More

4 Summer Lawn Care Tips

Summer Lawn Care tips

You want to love your yard throughout the year, but it’s going to take some extra special love and care over the course of the summer to make certain it looks just like it should. These tips can help: Mow Carefully: It’s fairly easy to mow your lawn too short in the summer. The shorter you […] Read More

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