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When compared to larger – and scarier! – scorpions or dangerous spiders that can call your home their home, a whitefly infestation may not seem like a big deal.  However, these little guys can pose a serious threat to your lawn, and they’ve got an ick factor all their own. What is a whitefly? Whiteflies […] Read More

Are Scorpions Invading Your Space?

Scorpion blog 3

Are scorpions invading your space? If you just answered yes to this question, follow these important steps. 1. Don’t freak out…yet. 2. Call a Brevard County pest control service. 3. If you need to freak out a little while you wait for us to arrive, go ahead. We understand. Most people in Florida are used […] Read More

Lovebugs will be here soon!

LoveBug Blog 2

Their name may make them sound cute, but lovebugs are anything but adorable. These pesky insects come in swarms twice a year in Florida – once in the spring and again in late summer. While lovebugs themselves may not be harmful to your lawn, they are still considered a nuisance by virtually anyone who encounters […] Read More

The Carpenter Bee Article 1

If you’ve noticed any small, perfectly circular holes on your house, deck or other wooden structures, you may have a carpenter bee infestation. These critters, also known as wood bees, are one of the more destructive pests that can take up residence on your property. Like termites, they make their habitat in wooden structures, chewing […] Read More

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