Exploring The Problem With Earwigs

Blog 3 Earwig-control

Earwigs do, indeed, cause some problems. However, before looking into the problems that they can create, it is important to learn some other facts about earwigs. What do they look like? Earwigs are about 5/8 inches long. They are a dark reddish-brown color and they have light brown legs. They also feature pincers, which are […] Read More

Watch Out for the Puss Caterpillar

Blog 4 - Puss Caterpillar

Caterpillars are an insect that even tiny tots know something about. From the time we are little, we talk about how cute the furry little caterpillars are. In fact, many kids love to play with the caterpillars or catch them and watch them turn into butterflies. However, playing with puss caterpillars simply isn’t a good […] Read More

Yellow Jackets

Nowhere is a yellow jacket education more important than in the state of Florida. These nasty pests can be a real problem throughout the state. Arming yourself with information about these pests is the first step to prevention and maintenance. What Are They? These are wasps which have yellow and black stripes with transparent wings. […] Read More

3 Essential Fall Tree Care Tips

Blog 1 Fall tree care

Fall is a beautiful time of year for trees, especially if you have taken the time to care for them throughout the spring and summer. In order to enjoy the trees after winter, there is still more maintenance to be done during fall. In fact, there are 3 essential things you can do to keep […] Read More

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