What are Rover Ants?

ants 1 oct

Rover ants aren't like standard ants. Instead, they can be a costly threat. It’s kind of a funny name – “rover ant”. It sounds more like a pet than a pest, as if you could teach it to sit and stay and roll over. But rover ants are indeed a growing pest control issue and one […] Read More

Roaches? Yuck!

roach control 1 oct

Certain words have an almost instantaneous, nearly instinctive, gut-level reaction. If you hear a word like love, hate, ice cream, freedom, war, violence, or beauty you are bound to feel something profound. These words have an impact. What do you feel when you hear the word “roaches”? If you’re not an entomologist your first feeling […] Read More

Fruit Flies Driving you Crazy?

fruit flies 1 oct

Those little flies that seem to come along with your produce can make you crazy. You put a tomato or two on the counter and in the next days a cloud of tiny black flies is floating around your kitchen. These little nuisances are so small, they’re almost impossible to swat away or spray to […] Read More

Aphids can Ruin your Landscaping

lawn care 1 oct

Aphids are so tiny it’s hard even see them, but you can surely see their effect of your landscaping. So many outdoor pest control products are dedicated to their eradication because of the damage they can do. Don’t let aphids ruin your landscaping. Take action now, before it’s too late. Less than 1/8 inch long, […] Read More

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