Ants are Very Active in Winter

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When you learned about ants in school, you probably learned that you wouldn’t see them during the fall and winter. In a way, your science teacher was correct. Most types of ants are not active outside of their underground tunnels. However, in a way, your science teacher was wrong. In Florida, especially, there is one […] Read More

Understanding the Coconut Mealybug

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It is important to understand the coconut mealybug so that, you can better prevent them or get rid of them if they have already infested your home. First, you need to know what the mealybug looks like. The female mealybug is oval in shape. They are anywhere from 1/18 inch to 1/10 inch in length. […] Read More

Florida’s Winter Bugs to Watch

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It doesn’t snow in Florida with any sort of regularity. Freezes are rare in most of the state. Even hard frosts are uncommon in a large percentage of our home. The sun still shines warmly on us through the winter months when much of the county’s inhabitants are far less comfortable. It’s not a bad […] Read More

Florida’s Bark Scorpion

Bark Scorpion Jan 1

If you think that scorpions are a pest control problem found only in the western states, then you must not have lived in Florida for very long! Scorpions do quite well here too. Florida actually has at least three known species living and reproducing within its borders. The largest of these is the Florida Bark […] Read More

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