fire ant control Slug-A-Bug

Of all the pests in Florida, the Fire ant has one of the more descriptive names an animal's ever received. If you've ever had one on your skin, it may seem like it's their bite that causes the pain. Yet fire ants only bite to get a grip on your skin. What really hurts is the alkaloid […] Read More

roaches removal Slug-A-Bug

The minute you see a single cockroach, you can be sure he's brought friends. Cockroaches don't travel alone and once they've found a suitable location for food, water, and shelter, they'll multiply quickly. There's no sure way to keep cockroaches out, but make sure you close all taps and don't leave containers sitting out with […] Read More

Gulf Coast ticks Slug-A-Bug

The Gulf Coast Tick is a particularly nasty breed of tick. They're plentiful and can transmit a wide range of diseases when they bite and feed on people and pets. Gulf Coast Ticks will bite anywhere, but there is evidence that they prefer to bite in the ears of host animals, including people. Males may […] Read More

wildlife removal Slug-A-Bug

Maybe it's the trash cans tipped over at midnight. It could be your dog barking at something outside at 3 a.m. You've noticed some tracks, or maybe there are markings on the side of your house. Maybe you even caught it out of the corner of your eye one day, running away into the bushes. […] Read More

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