How to Control Roof Rats


True to their name, roof rats can inspire a cold shudder for a home owner. These pests are damaging to both homes and landscaping and are best dealt with quickly before they set up a permanent home in your attic. But how do you know if you have them? How can you get rid of […] Read More

green control

There are many kinds of ants we are familiar with during the warmer months. We don’t appreciate getting these pests into our homes and buildings, some of which have very painful bites or stings. But before you invest a lot into poisonous pest control, you should know there is a better way. Green control is […] Read More

Lovebugs: Coming Soon!


Not just a cute name for your significant other, lovebugs are a common and annoying landscape problem. Once they are out and swarming, they are nearly everywhere and impossible to avoid. In fact, unless your home is completely sealed (and whose home could possibly be), they will find a way into your home. You can […] Read More


The best time to do a maintenance check for bugs and pests is during the months when winter is winding down and spring is about to appear. This is especially true for some pests, because arresting them in the spring is the key to controlling them. This is particularly the case for termites, and there […] Read More

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