Brevard Lawn Care Services

The Slug-A-Bug Comprehensive Lawn Care Program provides:

  • Slug A Bug Provides Services your Lawn Requires to Stay Healthy and Attractive Year Round.

    Services your lawn requires to stay healthy and attractive year-round

  • Carefully selected, custom blends of granular and liquid fertilizers that are applied to address the seasonal needs of your particular lawn
  • Insect control treatments that are applied to control lawn damaging insects like chinch bugs, sod webworms, mole crickets and grubs, as well as fire ants and fleas
  • A weed control program which includes both pre-emergent products to prevent broadleaf weeds, grassy weeds and sedges, and post-emergent products to get rid of any weeds that do appear
  • Treatment for diseases such as brown patch fungus, dollar spot fungus and gray leaf spot fungus

An Effective Combination

Nourishment, insect control, weed control and disease control, along with proper irrigation and mowing practices, can keep your lawn picture perfect

Nourishment, insect control, weed control and disease control, along with proper irrigation and mowing practices, can keep your lawn picture perfect. Slug-A-Bug uses technically advanced environmentally friendly products and procedures that are effective but not intrusive or smelly. We target your pest problems, eliminate them and guarantee your satisfaction. If a problem reoccurs, we’ll come back out at no charge to immediately fix the situation.

Specifics of Slug-A-Bug’s Lawn Program:

  • Complete service done every other month – six times a year; Any service needed between regularly scheduled treatments is included
  • Slug-A-Bug lawn & ornamental technicians are thoroughly trained to diagnose problems and are equipped to treat them effectively
  • Applications can be changed on the spot to address the special concerns of your particular property
  • Your technician will advise you about any irrigation or mowing considerations he sees
  • All of the products we use are carefully selected for their effectiveness at solving your lawn problems while minimizing impact on your family, your pets and the environment
  • All treatment programs are backed by the company’s extensive experience and expertise – the result of over 25 years of serving the Brevard County area
  • Best of all, the Slug-A-Bug promise is that your satisfaction and protection are guaranteed

Brevard Lawn Care Services

A Lush Green Landscape is the True Symbol of the Florida Lifestyle.

A lush green landscape is the true symbol of the Florida lifestyle. Lawns from Micco to Mims and all other cities surrounding Melbourne in Brevard County are subject to extreme fluctuations in climate, not only seasonally, but within a single day or even a few hours; facing extremes of heat, cold, drought, torrential rains and strong winds.

Watch our TV commercial about caring for your lawn and ornamentals.

Slug-A-Bug’s Other Specialized Services:

  • Once-a-Year Guaranteed Fire Ant Control
  • Flea Control
  • Tick Control
  • Ornamental, Shrub,Trees & Palms
  • Fertilizing