Keep the Fire Ants Off of Your Lawn

There are more than 360 species of ant in the U.S. Unfortunately, the fire ant actually counts among them. Identifying them as soon as you notice a problem is essential to keeping them off of your lawn.

What You May SeeRed_Fire_ants

  • Know what fire ants look like. A fire ant can be anywhere from 1/16 to 1/5 of an inch in size. They all have slightly reddish-brown heads as well as dark abdomens. More than anything, it’s important to remember that they’re very aggressive if you disturb them. They can swarm and sting.
  • Know their nesting areas. You may see fire ant nests out in the open, in utility boxes, or even in wall voids. They can nest in the mulch or underneath some objects. If you see them out in your yard, but you don’t see a nest, you can bet they’re not more than 100 feet away from their nest areas.
  • Spot those nests. A fire ant nest, also called a mound, is usually dome shaped in nature and a few inches in height. The dirt usually looks like sand that has been worked up. You may notice new mounds after it rains. Fire ants actually like to build their nests when the soil is damp. If it’s been really hot, though, you may not see a mound at all, as they can also live underground in cooler temperatures. You can usually see their white eggs within the mound, too.

What You Should Do Next

If you spot fire ants, what you shouldn’t do next is try to disturb the nest. You’re far more likely to get stung, and if you haven’t had that happen yet, be thankful. It’s painful and disgusting. Your next step should be to contact Slug-A-Bug, your Brevard County ant pest control service for help. It’s really the only way to keep them out of your home and lawn for good.

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